Load In / Sound Check / Load Out

* Load In / Set Up & Sound Check: 545 PM - 555 PM

* Loud Out: All equipment must be loaded out of the cafe no later than 8:10 PM.

* Keep room audience friendly, i.e. don't consume all tables and walkways with              equipment/cases, etc.


We encourage all genres to play and perform here at Flatrock Coffee, Tea. & More; we only ask that you keep your lyrics explicit-free, as our shop is a family-friendly space at all times.

Intimate Atmosphere

Our space is perfect for small piece bands and acoustic acts. The room has nice reverb so amps are not a necessity, but feel free to bring your own P.A. and Sound Equipment, just shoot us a note when booking your date.

Time / Place

All performances will be scheduled:

Saturday evenings, 6 pm - 8 pm

​We love our community and the unique voices that grow within it; to ensure there is always a place for our local musicians to play and grow, we have live music nights Saturday.

 If you are interested in booking a performance slot, contact our Head of Music, Karen, through our "Contact Us" page up at the top; please headline your message with, "Show Time."

For more details regarding space, scheduling, and more, continue reading below. 


To Book A Show Here

Our Music Head (Karen) will need to hear a recording and/or see a video of you performing before we can consider scheduling you on. To contact Karen about booking, please submit the form on the "Contact Us" page with the headline, "Show Time." Include a short description of your act and the live instrumentation that will be performing, as well as provide a direct link to an online source to view and listen to recordings and/or videos. (i.e. Facebook, Youtube, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, etc.)

Play For The Joy

​We encourage you to bring merchandise to sell and we'll have a hat to rally donations (patrons and neighbors are very generous when they hear good music!).