I have children, is there anything for them to drink?

Of course, we love having kids here! We have a wide variety of natural juices and little treats that they can have or that you can share with them. We even have a little area for them to play and colour in too.


Do you use any local products?

Yes! Almost everything from our baked goods to our coffee roasters are local. We think it's extremely important to not only facilitate other businesses in the area, but to also bring out all the best sides of our community by showing off the skills of our neighbors and friends. We love our local artisans and business peers.


Are there Vegetarian/vegan options available?

Don't worry, we haven't forgotten you in all of this! We carry a fair number of vegan muffins, cookies, and brownies from a local business (Vegan V's). We also have vegetarian wraps and frequently cook up vegetarian soups! 

Once Upon a time...

.a man and a woman moved into the Nolensville Pike area with the intention of settling into the community and doing some good in the world. 21 years later, they've built a coffee house with the intention of bringing their neighborhood together, from the grown-ups to the grandkids.

Flatrock Coffee, Tea, & More is that place you visit before your workday starts and relax in once you're home for the night. We're that comfy couch on a rainy day and cool shop when the sun's a-blazing. We strive to give you not only the best coffee but also the best atmosphere. Won't you be our neighbor?

The friendly staff at Flatrock welcome you to enjoy our space as often as you like!


ABOUT Flatrock 

Friendly Staff!